Bearded Badger Publishing

Bearded Badger Publishing Co. was born from love....the love of books, magazines, pamphlets, in fact pretty much anything you can feast your eyes on!

After a short lifetime (25 years or so) working in various manufacturing industries, I decided to pack in my well paid job and return to full-time study, and undertook a BA in English at the University of Derby. It was during the course of this degree that I realised that whilst I loved literature, and the critical thinking that seemed to be part and parcel of academic life where literature is concerned, it was reading books that I loved. It was looking in bookshops, it was breathing in the scent of pages of all shapes and sizes.

My vision is to develop Bearded Badger Publishing Co. into a publishing company that works for both the writer and the reader, acting as a conduit to connect the two. I look forward to working with new and exciting writers, helping them on their pathway to publication, helping to develop talent along with potential readership through innovative marketing, events and sharing my passion with our readers.