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The COMEBACK is on......

So 2023 has been a complete write-off for us here in the Badger’s sett… for a whole host of reasons, some personal to us and some that you’ll all be familiar with (rising costs etc). In short it has been our Annus Horribilis.




We are COMING BACK… of this I am determined! 


Exactly what, where and how are still to be fleshed out and fully determined - but please, watch this space in early 2024 for more details!


Lastly, I'd like to wish you and yours a wonderful festive season, and let’s hope 2024 is an absolute beaut!!


See you on the other side mi ducks!!


Paul (aka The Bearded Badger!) x




The Art of Escapology by Nicola Ashbrook

ISBN: 9781739758714




The Art of Escapology is the latest collection of flash fiction from Nicola Ashbrook, a series of stories all woven around the theme of escape; be it physical, emotional or simply a journey around the imagination.

With laser-like precision, these short stories burst with energy from the page, which in itself becomes a form of escapism! The perfect book for today's times.

Published 20th October 2022


Step Forward, Harry Salt by Ross Lowe

ISBN: 9781838199531



Something strange is afoot in the Derbyshire hills. But what does that mean for Harry Salt? He’s a young man with a big secret. So big, that the Prime Minister wants a piece of him.

Trouble is, it’s such a deeply buried secret that Harry doesn’t even know about it.But when he starts his new job at the Ministry of People and the anxious UK prepares for The Change, things get steadily more strange and frightening.

Dreams filled with painful memories and snarling black dogs. Endless ham baguettes. A 900-year-old Starsky & Hutch addict. Murderous lollipop ladies and milkmen that bite.

Yes. Something is definitely up.

It’s time to Step Forward, Harry Salt.

To read the opening two chapters of Step Forward, Harry Salt click on the PDF icon or here

Interview with Tracey Curzon-Manners (aka Box Office Girl)

Paul Handley (founder of Bearded Badger!) recently did an video with Notts-based writer and blogger, Tracey Curzon-Manners, where they talked about how indie publishing thrives and survives somewhere between mainstream and self-publishing, submission windows and everything in-between.

Take a peek:

The Stuff of Stories PODCAST!

Paul Handley (founder of Bearded Badger!) had a lovely convivial chat with Ian from 'The Stuff of Stories' about all things bookselling, publishing, and the power of stories! Recorded LIVE in the bookshop!

Have a listen here:

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