1. travel across or through.

“he traversed the forest”

synonyms:travel over/across, cross, journey over/across, make one’s way across, pass over, go across, negotiate; 

2. move back and forth or sideways.

“a probe is traversed along the tunnel”

The East Midlands is a hive of poetic activity with performance word nights happening right across the region, showcasing the talents that exist in our region. Bearded Badger Publishing want to take that talent and put it on the page, by publishing a series of poetry chapbooks titled TRA[verse], with an aim as the dictionary definition suggests to travel across or through all environments and barriers.

Poetry Collection FINAL ARTWORK_01.jpg

Poetry Showcase 2021

Despite everything 2020 threw at us, we are the point of publishing our TRA[verse] poetry chapbook series, with nine wonderful poets due to be published throughout 2021.

This FREE PDF is an introduction to both our nine poets, and their work. 

Simply click here to download!