East of Centre

It's hard being stuck in the middle - we definitely aren't from the South, and not quite far enough up to be classed as the North! Our East of Centre range aims to get the book world talking about what is happening right here in the centre...well, just East of it anyway! 


There is plenty of writing talent right here in the East of Centre, and we aim to find it...then publish it. 


Are you an up and coming writer based in the East Midlands looking to get published? Perhaps you have been writing for a while without getting published? Bearded Badger Publishing Co. is a new Derbyshire-based indie publisher launching in 2020, on the lookout for exciting, high-quality full manuscripts to develop and publish. Our new imprint 'East of Centre' is looking to focus on developing local East Midlands talent, through careful and considerate editorial support, with a fully transparent relationship between the writer and the publisher, helping you get your work to a wider audience.

We aim to publish our first full-length novel in late 2020, early 2021, with a view to publishing 2-3 titles each year.


Submissions are currently closed!


T: 07470 458761




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